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Contribution Guide

If you wish to contribute to stockroom (yaay!!🎉🎉) decide whether it needs to be discussed with the dev team before you start spending time on it. If you are in doubt, ask us in slack or raise a Github issue (🙄)

  • You'd need to fork the stockroom repository (look for the "Fork" button on top right) and then clone the fork locally.
git clone
  • Create a branch locally and make your changes. Feel free to reach us if you need a code review before you finish your work
git checkout -b your-branch-name

Contributing to the code

Once done with the changes, run the test suite. It will run existing test cases, check coverage, run black and mypy. Also, make sure you have updated the documentation, added required test cases and modified the file in docs directory before creating the PR

$ bash ./scripts/
---> 100%

Contributing to the documentation

We are using the amazing mkdocs library for documentation. You can spin up the mkdocs live debugging server from the root of the repository and see the changes you are making in realtime.

$ mkdocs serve
---> 100%