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Help Us

Stockroom is still in its early stages and we are grateful to you for being part of the stockroom-hangar community. If you love stockroom and if you wish to help us, there are few ways you can contribute. Contributing in the design discussions, writing code and sending PR are extremely impactful at this early times but there are other simpler ways as well.

Give us a star at Github

⭐️️ in Github let people know that stockroom is useful for others already and it will give us confidence that we are heading in the right direction. You can find our Github page here

Be part of the slack community

We have a #stockroom channel in HangarUserGroup slack. Feel free to chime in, ask questions if you have. It would also helpful if you can hang around and help the community there.

Take part in our weekly design calls

We run weekly design calls for around Hangar and Stockroom, mostly on Tuesdays. Hop in if you could spare 30 minutes. We'll announce the topic and time every week through our twitter. Recordings of our past sessions are available here


Give us your feedback!! If you love stockroom, let us know what in stockroom you are fond of particularly. If you hate it, we'd like to know how can we make it better. Slack is the best platform to reach us for feedback at this point in time but feel free to talk to us through twitter or even over email. If you find a bug or you have a specific question you'd want one of the core devs to answer, choose the proper label while you create an issue

Feature request

If you have a feature in mind that you think would fit in stockroom well, choose "Feature Request" in the Github issue page and create an issue

Pull request

Contributing to the repository is invaluable for us and the community right now. If you'd like to build a new feature or fix an existing bug, please do raise an issue first. It might be the case that the feature you are trying to build is already built and under testing, or it might contradict the design ideas we have kept intact. Discussing it first would save our time. If you find a typo in the documentation or if you'd like to do small fixes or clean up, feel free to raise a PR without raising an issue.

Tweet about us

Let the world know how you have used stockroom. Use the hashtag #stockroom or tag our handle @tensorwerk. We are listening.